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Let's Help Merrymount School get Cleaner, Greener. It's that time of year again! MM grounds need a good spring cleanup, and we need all the hands we can get. It's a great activity for the whole family to get involved in the school community. Date: Friday, May 5th, 2023  Time: 2:15 (right after school pickup)  Details: We'll have some garbage bags, gloves, and other supplies from the city, but it would be helpful for people to bring some from home if they can. Wheelbarrows and rakes are also really helpful if you are able to bring yours from home. "Together, we can accomplish more."
Cleaner, Greener
Help us clean up on May 5th!
A mother and son look at each other, smiling.
March is Women's History Month!
Women in the Merrymount community discuss their careers
A 4th grade student poses behind his small, table-top, handmade catapult.
4th Grade Catapults!
Our new CKLA curriculum in action
6 students pose with 2 adults in a group photo.
A day of leadership!
5 students parade through a hallway at Merrymount School with paper dragon art projects.
Lunar New Year Parade
Merrymount celebrates the Year of the Rabbit!
34 Merrymount students pose with their "Merrymount Character Trait of the Month" certificates
November Trait of the Month Awards
Students recognized for exhibiting gratitude
9 art projects resembling x-rays are hung on a window in rows of 3. Each project is a drawing on colored paper of the student's wrist, hand, and fingers, with details around the wrist and knuckle joints.
Grade 1 Skeletal System Artwork
Ms. Kirby's class show off their knowledge of the human body!