About Our School

Merrymount Elementary School

Merrymount Elementary, an ideally located K-5 school, is located in a neighborhood of quiet streets and private homes. The school grounds include well-groomed grounds and Perkins Field, a grassy-surfaced playground.

The building's smaller design, dating back to 1928, helps maintain the neighborhood-school atmosphere that is appealing to both families and staff at Merrymount. The brick building, with its red front doors, welcomes students into a carefully maintained school.

In 1977, an addition of a gym/cafeteria, a media center, two classrooms, a staff lounge, storage space, and an elevator enhanced our school and made the building accessible to the physically challenged. Merrymount School is updated and technologically prepared to meet the needs of students in the foreseeable future, yet it possesses the charm and character reminiscent of the days of the "schoolhouse era."

Message from the Principal of Merrymount:

Welcome to the Merrymount School community! Our mission at the Merrymount School is to equip every child with the necessary academic, emotional, physical, and social skills to lead a productive and healthy life.

Through a variety of professional enrichment programs, the Merrymount staff keeps abreast of the latest developments in education. Instructional strategies are continuously updated and academic programs are aligned with the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks as they are made available.

Parent involvement is strongly encouraged at Merrymount, and we are extremely grateful for the many positive contributions our parent groups make to the school each and every year. The Merrymount School is committed to supporting our families and to working with parents as partners in fulfilling our mutual responsibilities relative to the education of "our" children

As the principal of Merrymount School, I seek to foster a learning climate that encourages academic excellence in a warm, friendly, and inclusive environment. It is indeed my pleasure to welcome you to Merrymount Elementary School.

Principal: Susan Shea Connor, 617-984-8762

Assistant Principal: John T. Rogan 617-984-8762


Elementary School is an important first step in your child's education. Quincy Public Schools are there from the first time your kindergartener picks out a book at the school library to the first grader having success in math to upper grades where students take their basis of knowledge and expand it to more advanced thinking.


Merrymount Elementary students are eager and excited to learn! Whether it's improving writing or math skills or discovering new art techniques, we offer a variety of enrichment and remedial programs that make learning effective and enjoyable. These programs are designed to meet the diverse needs of our students and their families.