PTO Minutes - 1/18/22

PTO Minutes - 1/18/22

Date: Tuesday, January 18, 2022
Time: 6:30-7:45 PM

Past 4 Month Review (Jenn O’Brien)

Kindergarten Class T-shirts
New Art Cart for the art teacher
200 headphones purchased for students
Fun Run prizes purchased for all students
PBIS prizes purchased for the PBIS cart
Winter Break Holiday Gift bags given to all staff members
Turkey Trot breakfast provided for all staff
Book Scholarships for former students
Trunk or Treat Event
Scrub-a-Dub cash fundraiser
Opened virtual school store
Subscription renewals purchased for: Bookflix & Brainpop

New Business (Jenn O’Brien)
New PTO website being created by Amy Bacchari - coming soon!
Exploring purchasing a Book Vending Machine for the school - more information coming soon!
Online School store to stay open with new items for Spring/Summer
Scholastic is not holding any virtual book fairs so we will not be having a book fair this year. Thank you to parent Cara Norris-Ramirez for working on this
Planning a Wellness Day and Bike Safety Day - Spring 2022
Field Day (TBD) - Spring 2022
Next Fun Run planned for Spring 2023

Financials (Kerri Shaw)
Merrymount PTO currently has $39,240 in the bank with $2, 625 allocated for the outdoor classroom, and $34 in pending checks, leaving us with $36,581 in available funds.
Fun Run made $21,420 net profit
Upcoming Expenses (known or Potential)
Reflex $2500
K-2 science curriculum $1000
Flocabulary $120
For the Kids
Field trips ($20/student) $6500
Book Vending Machine $3000
5th grade graduation/YE student gifts $300
Surprises (Vday/Pizza parties) $1000
Field Day $1000
For the Staff
Teacher Appreciation Week $1600
Spring Report Card Lunch $300
FR Dep. Scholarships, Babysitting, Fees $3050
Total: $23, 070
2022-2023 Expenses
Subscriptions/Curriculum $8000
For the Kids
Field trips, K shirts, Grad gifts, Free events $13,200
For the Staff
Appreciation $2800
Misc $3050
Total: $27, 050

Principal’s Report (Courtney Mitchell)
Winter clothing drive was very successful
Supplemental science curriculum for grades K - 2 purchased
Winter Extended Day programs (currently in effect)
Chromebooks are available for students in quarantine at home
Meeting with science team in future to plan budget for outdoor classroom
Lexia is currently paid for out of the school budget; Reflex math cost is split between the school and the PTO

Parent Concerns
Field trips: Parents brought up that students in grade 3 and below have not gone on any out of building field trips due to the COVID 19
pandemic. PTO currently budgeting $20/student for field trips. Discussion of plans for using those funds for potential in-school field trips/author visit vs. traditional field trips.
Retirement gifts: recommendation from parent to set funds aside for retirement gifts for departing teachers
Gift for school nurse for Nurse’s Day in May

Citywide PTO update
February 7, 2022 guest speaker Megan Selchan MA, LMHC, CEIS, Clinical Director & Partner at Puzzle Pieces, LLC in Quincy. She will discuss with parents about adolescent and teen stressors and mental health issues. She went over what is normal behavior and what may be considered red flags. She touched on childhood anxiety, ADHD, anger, depression and the warning signs. The meeting will be offered in 4 different languages - Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and Vietnamese

Next Meeting
Tuesday, Feb 15 | 6:30 PM via Google Meet